SAVE THE DATE for our first Summer School

SAVE THE DATE for our first Summer School

The title of the first HEdIS Summer School is finally set: “Innovative IoT for Sustainable Citizens”. We are excited to announce that the Summer School will run from November 20th to 4th of December, with face-to-face lectures and workshops taking place from November 23rd to 29th at Nelson Mandela University, in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The HEdIS team aims at creating awareness about sustainability problems in the themes water, mobility and energy. We will, among other things, tackle the complexities of the water system, understand recent trends of transportation modes and look for alternative energy solutions. Participants will design suitable IoT services and products but also develop strategies and examine both, opportunities and challenges associated with creating IoT products and services for sustainability problems.

The Summer School participants will deep dive into each of the three themes and the respective issues in both, the international and local context. What role IoT technologies can take on to find appropriate and sustainable solutions for specific case studies will be investigated in the course work. We hope that the participants will leave the programme as more conscious citizens.

Applications can be submitted from 25th September to 15th October at our website.

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