Round-up of 1st Workshop

Round-up of 1st Workshop

The HEdIS workshop started with presentations on sustainability research projects at the Oldenburg University. This was followed by workshop sessions where participants chose and took part one of three round table discussions, which focused on the three main themes of the workshop as well as the upcoming summer school: water management, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. The first task was to identify  problems and/or case studies of each field and in which way theses issues could be addressed or solved and transferred into teaching modules. In the second part, the participants had to identify how information and communication technology (ICT) can support the proposed teaching modules and how a long-term impact can be achieved.

A certain set of ideas for module contents resulted from the module development sessions:

Water Management

  • Developing awareness regarding water as a scarce resource
  • Understanding of the complexity of the water system (both at international & local level)
  • Solutions development (creativity, entrepreneurial, increased capacity of user centred & customer orientated design)
  • Assess & evaluate different solutions i.t.o. practicality (model view, sustainability, translatability)

Energy efficiency

  • Ability to forecast supply and demand of energy 
  • Understand and use emulation systems based on ICT
  • Practical experience of programming ICT-based emulation systems
  • Deeper understanding of trends in SA energy sector

 Sustainable Mobility 

  • Introduction to IoT concepts: ubiquitous computing and digitalisation
  • Crowd-sensing, crowd-sourcing, social media
  • Heterogenous platform can be addressed
  • Create an awareness of block chain technologies and how it can be used to in the e-mobility domain
  • Predictive & prescriptive analytics (measures), Power BI and R, data visualisation
  • An introduction to machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence
  • Existing mobility solutions e.g. Where is my transport?
  • Disruptive technologies – virtual reality, artificial reality and machine learning, hyper loop, 3D printing, sensor technology
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