Guests from NMU arrived

Guests from NMU arrived

Martin Smuts and Dumisani Nyumbeka from Nelson Mandela University (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) arrived in Oldenburg this weekend. Both PhD students are looking into opportunities to discuss and work on their respective PhD topics. Martin and Dumisani both are working in the fields of sustainable mobility and energy efficiency.

Martin Smuts is conducting his PhD in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. He aims to investigate different techniques to improve the accuracy of range estimation technologies in electric vehicles. This research aims to assist drivers in optimising their driving behaviours to manage the limited battery capacity and charging infrastructure of electric vehicles.

Dumisani Nyumbeka is a 2nd year PhD student at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth. His PhD research focuses on creating a scheduling model for the charging of electric vehicles using photovoltaic (PV) powered smart microgrids. This research is part of larger project that seeks to build a network of charging stations that are publicly accessible to the EV drivers nation-wide, thereby reducing range anxiety.

Martin and Dumi will stay in Oldenburg for two weeks working with students and staff in the Department of Computing Science Business Informatics (Very Large Business Applications). During his stay he will also participate in the Hub for Education on ICT for Sustainability (HEdIS) workshop to learn about the international projects and make relations among academic staff of Oldenburg University and other business partners participating in the workshop.

This opportunity aims to improve the quality of higher education on ICT for sustainability topics and promote understanding between different people and cultures across Africa and Europe.

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